Building a new platform

for Starbucks to

tell their coffee story

A Branding Editorial Platform



  • UX/UI
  • Web Development
  • Project Management
  • Product Development
  • API Development
  • Staff Augmentation



2015 - Current

Custom editorial

platform for Starbucks

coffee story and

sustainability commitment

Our team's collaboration with Starbucks was instrumental in crafting a comprehensive roadmap, strategy, and editorial platforms that were designed to showcase the unique and captivating stories of their brand, company, employees, and coffee.

A Visually Stunning

Blog Platform

We brought Starbucks' 1912 Pike Blog to life as an award-winning editorial platform that captured their brand's essence and resonated with their target audience. Our use of striking imagery, engaging storytelling, and cutting-edge design elements helped Starbucks connect with customers, partners, and suppliers worldwide.

Evolving into a

Channelized Platform

We developed a channelized platform for Starbucks' editorial content that streamlined content creation and distribution, providing valuable audience insights. The platform we built helped Starbucks' communications and marketing teams optimize their content strategy, optimize their publishing cadence, build a stronger brand, and deepen connections with their audience.

Designed with the

publishers in mind

The publishing tools we designed for Starbucks streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks and allow for robust layouts, making publishers more efficient and saving them time and money. With our support, publishers can focus on creating quality content and growing their audience, while maximizing their ROI and enhancing their overall publishing capabilities.